Simple Delicious Guacamole

1 avocado
1 clove garlic
Lime juice (to taste)
Sea salt
Dash of hot sauce (I use Tapatio)

The real key is grinding your garlic and sea salt together to make a paste. So if you have a large enough mortar and pestle you can make the guacamole directly in there, if not, pick a sturdy bowl (metal is probably safest). Put the garlic clove and a sprinkling of sea salt in your mortar or bowl and pound it until you get a paste, or as close as you can get to it. You may need to add a bit more salt, as the coarse-grained sea salt helps grind up the garlic. Trust me, this step really makes a difference, it brings out the essential oils inside the garlic and the salt both serves as grinding agent and perks up the taste. Then smoosh in the avocado, squeeze in your lime juice to taste (I use probably half a cocktail lime), and add a few drops of hot sauce. Taste and adjust seasonings if necessary.