Corn Fritters with Pepper Jack and Arugula

3 cups corn kernels (scraped from 6 corn cobs if in season)
2 eggs, beaten
4 scallions, including an inch of the greens, finely sliced
cup chopped parsley
2 tbsp shredded cilantro
1 cup grated cheese (Pepper Jack with a little sharp cheddar)
pinch of chipotle chili powder
1/2 cup all-purpose flour
sea salt and freshly ground pepper
unsalted butter or oil for frying
3 handfuls arugula, stems trimmed
1 can black beans, rinsed and drained
salsa (I used chipotle corn salsa)

If using corn on the cob, slice the tops of the kernels off the corn, then reverse your knife and press out the milk. Mix the kernels and scrapings with the eggs, scallions, herbs, cheese, chili, and as much flour as can easily be absorbed. Season with tsp salt and some pepper.

Cover a large plate with the arugula leaves. Heat the beans until just warm but not mushy.

Melt enough butter or heat enough oil to cover a wide skillet generously. Divide the batter roughly into ten pieces and drop into the skillet. Fry over medium heat until golden, about 2 minutes, then turn and brown the second side.

Place the fritters on the bed of arugula, their warmth will wilt the top layer just a bit. When served, each diner can top their arugula and corn fritter with black beans and salsa.

-adapted from Deborah Madison, Local Flavors